viernes, 26 de septiembre de 2008

Metele segunda y pisaleeeee!!!

Cualquiera en México sabe que con un empujón un auto enciende solo basta abrir el switch, empujar y pisarle el acelerador; creo que los chinos quieren piratear nuestra técnica:

Airport workers get the push

A Chinese airport shocked passengers and flight crew - by sending 30 workers to push a faulty plane off a runway.

It took them nearly two hours to push the CRJ7 plane, with 69 passengers and seven-strong crew on board, less than half a mile to a side lane.

"Thank God, it was only a 20 tonne medium-sized airplane. If it had been a big plane, it would have knocked us out," said one man, who said he had never experience anything like it in ten years working at the airport.

Airport officials explained that plane's front hydraulic system was faulty and meant it could not be attached to a tow truck.

It happened at Zhengzhou airport where the flight from Guilin had a rocky landing because of the mechanical failure.

"Luckily the airplane was able to brake on time and all the passengers are safe," a spokesman told Henan Business Daily..

Crew and passengers watched in amazement as several vehicles arrived with sirens blaring, and 30 people jumped off the trucks and started to push the airplane.

The plane is still parked in the side lane, waiting for technicians to fix the problem.


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